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X-MET8000 Expert CG Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science



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    X-ray fluorescence


The X-MET8000CG handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer provides rapid and reliable regulatory compliance screening of consumer goods, from raw materials, to components, to finished products, at various stages: incoming inspection, stock inventory, checks of imported goods, and manufacturing quality control.

For manufacturers, retailers and importers, the X-MET8000CG improves the regulatory compliance management process by preventing costly rejects, reworks or recalls, identifying restricted or hazardous elements before they enter the manufacturing process or supply chain.

A few of the many advantages of the X-MET8000CG are:

Conforms to IEC Method 62321, as per Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) rules
Easy-to-use - Intuitive, icon-driven user interface requiring minimal operator training, in Regulated Goods mode, the analyser automatically selects the right calibration and the customisable display provides colour-coded pass/fail messages
Powerful data management - Store up to 100,000 results including spectra and sample image, share them using Wifi and print them via Bluetooth
Flexible report generator to create professional customised reports including results, spectra, company logo, operator information, camera image etc.; included as standard
XRF is a non-destructive technique, so that items tested can be kept for future records or re-introduced into the supply chain
Minimises downtime - Quick-swap analysis window: no tools required to change if broken or dirty
Maximises productivity - Up and running in seconds, results in seconds and a 10-12 hours battery life enable a high measurement throughput