coating thickness analyzer / alloy / benchtop / X-ray fluorescence
FT150 Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science



  • Measured entity:


  • Measured value:

    coating thickness

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    X-ray fluorescence


Designed to address the challenge of ultra-thin coatings, such as found in today’s shrinking
electronic components, the FT150 produces fast, accurate and repeatable results, increasing
productivity and reducing costs of inaccurate coatings on PCBs, semi-conductors and micro
connectors, etc. Simple to use, the equipment integrates easily with your QA/QC process,
alerting you to issues before they become a crisis.

The high throughput offered by the FT150 is possible because of the polycapillary optic
and high-precision leading edge Vortex® X-ray fluorescence detector inside. A large sample table, wide opening door and substantial observation window make it easy to load items of varying size and to focus on measurement spots. Newly designed controller software enables enhanced and precise testing and results conveniently captured in a database for export.

Preview of samples and selection of measurement points is made clearer and easier thanks to the new high definition sample observation camera. Little touches, like the use of an LED light source, mean less machine maintenance and bulbs last 10 times longer.