optical spectrometer / laboratory / high-resolution / high-sensitivity
EA1200VX Hitachi High-Technologies Europe



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    high-resolution, high-sensitivity, XRF, for precision materials handling, inspection


The EA1200VX High-Sensitivity Element Monitor supports a wide range of applications from RoHS/ELV compliance screening to advanced analysis. Equipped with a unique XRF detector, the Vortex, which features high resolution, sensitivity and count rate, the EA1200VX has remarkably improved overall sensitivity. Using the instrument in combination with the precision control software greatly shortens measurement time.

Phenomenal High Speed Analysis (High Sensitivity)
Measurement times can be greatly shortened, typically to one tenth the time of conventional methods, by combining the high count rate detector and precision control software.

High Count Rate Detector—No LN2 Needed
The EA1200VX is equipped with the world's best high count rate detector "Vortex" which samples at a rate of 150,000 cps and does not require LN2, resulting in an unprecedented level of sensitivity and resolution.