analysis microscope / scanning electron / nano-focus
NP6800 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Type:

    scanning electron

  • Other characteristics:



The Hitachi NP6800 is a SEM-based dedicated probing system designed to meet the analytical needs of the 10-nm design node semiconductor device and beyond.
The precision piezoelectric-driven actuator is equipped with X, Y and Z axes probe movements allowing the probes to be controlled very precisely for measuring the electrical characteristics of a single MOS transistor.
The design concept was to create an easy-to-use probing system (like an optical probing system) while maintaining this same ease of operation even under the vacuum environment through our intuitive probe operation design.
This SEM-based probing system is used for analyzing defects and failures that can develop during the manufacturing process of any nanoscale semiconductor devices.
The NP6800 Nano-Prober employs an optimized cold field-emission electron source, an eight-prober system, a temperature-controlled stage from -40 F to 302 F (-40 deg. to 150 deg.), an AC measurement system (optional) for gate-resistance detection, an EBAC system for short and open failure localization, and probe and specimen exchange units for the highest throughput.
The NP6800 Nano-Prober was developed as a dedicated nano-probing system for not only high-throughput operation, but also the high-stability measurements of nano-scale semiconductor devices. The system is capable of evaluating electrical characteristics, EBAC, EBIC, pulse IV, and the temperature requirements of nanoscale devices.