analysis microscope / scanning transmission electron / digital camera / high-resolution
HD-2700 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Type:

    scanning transmission electron

  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera, high-resolution, high-speed

  • Resolution:

    Max.: 0.144 nm

    Min.: 0.136 nm


The HD-2700 is an 80-200 kV field-emission-gun scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) with secondary electron (SE) imaging capability. Bulk and surface structures of a specimen can be imaged simultaneously. With the option for a probe-forming aberration corrector, ultra-high resolution can be achieved for both STEM and SE imaging. The Hitachi corrector minimizes the user's effort in doing aberration correction. Large solid-angle EDS* and atomic-spatial-resolution EDS* and EELS spectrum imaging* are enabled.

High-resolution STEM imaging
HAADF-STEM image 0.136 nm, FFT image 0.105 nm (HR lens*)
BF STEM image 0.204 nm (w/o Cs-corrector)
High-speed & high-sensitivity EDX analysis: Probe current × 10 times
Timely and rapid elemental mapping
Low-concentration element detection
Hitachi-developed Cs-corrector
Equipped with a probe-forming spherical aberration corrector developed by Hitachi, the automatic aberration-correction process takes a short time and does not require prior experience for aberration correction.
Seamless solution from sample preparation to observation & analysis
Holder compatible with Hitachi FIB

*:Optional accessory