analysis microscope / STEM / digital camera / for holography
HF-3300 Hitachi High-Technologies Europe



  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital camera, for holography, ultra-high resolution, high-precision

  • Resolution:

    0.078 nm, 0.102 nm


The HF-3300 is a 100-300 kV TEM/STEM/SEM powered by Hitachi's state-of-the-art cold field emission technology for high-brightness and high-energy resolution. Capabilities needed for daily material structural characterizations and analysis are provided. Unique electron optical designs include spatially resolved EELS* and double biprism* electron holography (special order). The simultaneous secondary electron imaging and STEM imaging reveal surface and bulk structures at the same time. A special version for gas environmental TEM or aberration-corrected microscopy is available.
High-brightness Cold Field Emission (Cold FE) electron source
Cold field emission electron source benefits nanoscale analysis with its high brightness and high-energy resolution. Its inherent high coherency greatly contributes to ultra-high resolution imaging and electron holography.*

300 kV accelerating voltage
A 300 kV accelerating voltage allows atomic-resolution imaging for thick specimens. Metals and ceramics with high atomic numbers are less electron transparent and often need to be observed at a 300 kV accelerating voltage.

Unique analytical capabilities
The newly introduced spatially resolved EELS* and the in-situ SEM/TEM imaging* nanobeam electron diffraction provide sophisticated and unique analytical capabilities.