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Gas turbine thermal power plant
Hitachi Power

Short reaction times and particularly high efficiency: the principles of a gas turbine and steam power plant are combined in a combined-cycle power plant. Efficiencies of up to 60% can be obtained by using a gas and a (downstream-arranged) steam turbine. Under combined operations (with integrated district heating supply) efficiencies of around 90% can be had.

In gas-fired plants as well, Hitachi Power Europe has both extensive know-how and a lengthy track record across the entire range stretching from planning via acquisition and design through to commissioning.

The highly successful and globally deployed H-25 / H-15 gas turbines from parent company Hitachi, Ltd. are the optimum ones for running power plants in a dependable, efficient and economical manner. Designed as a heavy duty machine (30 MW rating class), over 120 Hitachi gas turbines in power plants are in service throughput the world (as of mid-2009). The turbines are sound and dependable under continuous operations, involve low maintenance costs and are admirably suited for plants with cogeneration/district heating supply. Hitachi gas turbines are also used as power drive turbines in industry.


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