DC electronic load / programmable
PLA series Höcherl & Hackl



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    DC, programmable


PLA series electronic loads combine classic design, large display with modern interfaces and great functionality. The highlight of the PLI series is the extensive variety of optional interfaces. In addition to Ethernet, USB, RS-232 can be installed and also a CAN interface. In addition, for devices with 400 W GPIB is optionally available. I/O port ist standard. Programming is done in SCPI syntax.

The units provide constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance and constant power mode. In addition, protections for current and voltage can be set in any mode. Dynamic operation can be configured by up to 100 list point settings. A data acquisition function allows to save 100 measurement points (time, voltage, current) on an internal memory chip.

When being controlled by one of the data interfaces, there are further functions: to protect the load input and thereby the unit under test a watchdog can be activated which deactivates the load input in case of communication troubles. Another feature is the characteristic function which is unsed to map a sequence of voltage values linearly interpolated to a sequence of current values.

Optionally MPPT function for solar panel test can be activated (Option PLA20 in preparation).

Loading capacity
The type spectrum contains 12 models in two power categories 200 W and 400 W. In addition, the models up to 300 V have an overload capability. The level and duration of the possible overload depends on the temperature of the power stage. Therefore the units can be used even for considerably more powerful applications for a short time.