pneumatic nutrunner / straight / right-angle / with shut-off clutch
SW55/...A series HOLGER CLASEN



  • Type:


  • Model:

    straight, right-angle

  • Other characteristics:

    with shut-off clutch

  • Torque:

    Min.: 18 Nm (13.28

    Max.: 60 Nm (44.25

  • Rotational speed:

    Min.: 350 rpm (2199.11 rad.min-1)

    Max.: 1150 rpm (7225.66 rad.min-1)


The HC Pneumatic angle screw drivers of the SW55/...A series have a 90° head, valve lever and shut-off clutch. They are ideal for tightening work in confined areas, difficult to access and feature high torque values from 18 to 60 Nm, 300 to 400 min-1 rotation speed and ±5% shut-off accuracy, with high torque repeatability. These tools operate with unlubricated air delivery and are easy to handle, as they reduce torque reaction on the operator.

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