conductive fabric / for EMC shielding
4900 series Holland Shielding Systems BV



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    for EMC shielding


This conductive fabric is coated with a medical silver coating and has a broad range of applications, since its possible to stretch the fabric in both sides, and in length even up to 100% its size. The fabric can be used as an antibacterial wound or burn dressing (note: our material is not sterile) but it also makes a great material for electrode contacts, clothing or other shielded garments. Highly conductive, and conductivity increases up to 25% as it stretches, which is handy for smart textile applications. The silver coating is 99,9% pure.

The width of the fabric influences the percentage of conductivity
The material is very consistent in quality
When you stretch the material in length the conductivity increases, when you stretch it in the width it decreases
You get around 60% elongation in the width, and almost 100% in the length


"Intelligent" or shielding garments
Cable shielding wrap
Hobbies or Technology where changing conductivity with stretch is important