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Cut knurling tool
ø 3 - 15 mm | RF3 291-12 Hommel+Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH


The RF3 291-12 model is manufactured by Hommel + Keller, and is a cut knurling tool that is ideal for use in removal of swarfs. The tool direction of the unit is via feed knurling. It has been specifically developed to be used in knurling on work piece according to DIN 82 standards. The model does not generate any lateral pressure, thus minimizes strain on both the workpiece and on the equipment.

The unit can be used in a number of machines which includes Lathes, automated lathes, swiss-style automated lathes, mechanized short-rotating lathes, universal lathes, rotating centers, milling centers, multi-spindle automated lathes, rotary indexing equipment, indexing table-style instruments, and as well as transfer instruments. It is equipped with carbide bushings.


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