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GDVS Honeywell analytics



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    for gas detectors

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A software and hardware solution to enable 24/7 remote access of your gas detection Real-Time information, GDVS provides unique flexibility and possibilities of customisation. With GDVS you can visualise the gas detection transmitters’ status and gas concentration trend. The solution may be easily installed on almost any PC or mobile device, such as tablets and smartphones. Thanks to the atvise® Scada visualisation software that it encompasses, you can get crystal-clear images at any resolution.
Features & Benefits
Fits a broad variety of existing Honeywell products (e.g. System 57, Touchpoint Pro, XNX / Modbus, Midas / Modbus, SPM Flex etc)
Quick and easy setup and use
Suitable for a wide range of industries
Seamlessly integrates with different computers and mobile devices
Razor-sharp images.
Quick Specs
Alarm, Event, and Trend History accessible from the user interface (up to 365 days)
Client-Server Architecture based on Web Server Technology from atvise®.

GDVS simplifies gas detection visualisation and allows full-scale customisation according to the specific application requirements. This user-friendly and flexible solution is compatible with a wide variety of Honeywell products, thus minimising costs while enhancing connectivity. The modular architecture can be tailored to the customer’s needs and features scalable vector graphics for a highly effective visual experience.