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Gas detector / multi-gas / portable
Honeywell analytics


  • Application:

    gas, multi-gas

  • Other characteristics:



The Impact / Impact Pro / Impact IR Multi-Gas Detectors are extremely flexible and are able to monitor four gasses simultaneously. With the help of Oxygen and patented Surecell™ toxic sensors and high specification flammable, this exclusive cartridge technology guarantees accurate, safe and reliable measurements at all times. Furthermore, there are two configurations to choose from namely the Impact Pro and the Impact that come with either serviceable or disposable cartridges. Both of these cartridge types are pre-calibrated right out of the box and can be replaced fast in less than a minute, which greatly reduces costs when possible and provides easy maintenance.

The Impact / Impact Pro / Impact IR Multi-Gas Detectors feature a fairly small footprint and with the heavy duty build are an excellent choice for demanding and tough working environments. Additionally, they are unobtrusive, lightweight and small, which allows them to slot in easily into limited spaces or those where in and out access is a challenge.


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