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Vertex M™ Honeywell analytics



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    multi-point, continuous


Honeywell Analytics' Vertex M Toxic Gas Monitoring System is a 8-24-point, economical toxic gas monitoring instrument capable of adjusting to shifting gas triangulation requirements. It is a high-accuracy device which provides up to parts-per-billion measurement tracking degrees. It features an exclusive and dedicated Chemcassette® technology that enables maximum security, while also presenting affordable rates.

Other features of the Honeywell Analytics Vertex M Toxic Gas Monitoring System include a single 8-point evaluation mechanism. It is extremely adaptable, allowing up to a maximum of 24 points of steady gas sensing. Others include optional pyrolyzer measuring module, or a universal evaluating module (the the Vertex M's maximum examination point allowance is only 16, if it is integrated with the pyrolyzer measuring element).