gas monitoring system / multi-point / continuous
Vertex™ Honeywell analytics



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    multi-point, continuous


The Vertex performs up to 72 points of gas detection continuously, combined with the highly-advanced Chemcassette, optics technology and reliable software, turning itself into a flexible and reliable gas monitoring system.

When starting the Vertex system, as little as eight points may be used. Keeping pace with users' monitoring needs, the Vertex then expands, providing 72 points of continuous, unparalleled gas detection performance. Sampling points may be placed for up to 400 feet from the system. Various universal analyzer modules as well as pyrolyzer analyzers are available as options.

The device also provides a reliable built-in system redundancy as its standard equipment to safeguard the device at its best against downtime.

It comes with an internal power module and a backup pump. With its Chemcassette technology, the Vertex allows physical evidence during a gas event. It also has a system data backup that will prove to be of good use once the PC's main data acquisition fails. It is also equipped with drip resistant cap and automated leak test.