tension force sensor
FSS-SMT Uncompensated / Unamplified Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions



  • Type:


  • Rated force:

    Max.: 20 N

    Min.: 0 N


Precise, reliable force sensing utilizing a specialized piezoresistive micromachined silicon sensing element. Modular design in a patented compact package. The low power, unamplified, uncompensated Wheatstone bridge circuit design provides inherently stable mV output over the force range.

- Product rating of 20 million MCTF at 25 °C [77 °F] provides consistent output over time and helps reduces repairs or replacements
- Surface Mount Technology allows for automated assembly
- Small size minimizes PCB space
- RoHS-compliant materials
- Low deflection (approx. 30 µm typical at full scale)
- Enhanced sensitivity without compromising signal integrity; resulting in low system noise, reduced measurement errors
- Low voltage supply for use in many battery powered applications
- High resistance to electrostatic discharge (ESD)


- Infusion pumps
- Ambulatory non-invasive pumps
- Occlusion detection
- Kidney dialysis machines
- Enteral pumps

- Load and compression sensing
- Variable tension control
- Robotic end-effectors
- Wire bonding equipment