linear displacement sensor / AC LVDT / analog / miniature
± 0.25 % | PLVX Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions



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The Honeywell Model PLVX Miniature Displacement Transducer LVDT has a design that makes it perfect for multi and single point industrial gaging and micro displacements measurements in scientific and research studies.

The Model PLVX includes a non rotating armature which bolsters the resistance to the loads at the side and improves the overall repeatability. Probes and bodies are made with stainless steel and has magnetically shielded windings along with multi conductor shielded cables. Proving super precision, the LDVTs makes complete use of the spring loaded captive guided armatures along with reduced friction, non rotating probes. Unit ranges start from ±0.02 in to ±0.2 in, an accuracy of ± 0.25% of full scale. Operating temperature of unit is -40°F to +212°F. Outputs range from 4 mV/V/0.001in. to 6 mV/V/0.001 in., based on the length of the stroke.

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