CCTV camera / for night vision / full-color / CCD
HCU484 Honeywell Video Systems



  • Function:

    CCTV, for night vision

  • Spectrum:


  • Sensor:



Honeywell’s HCU484 is the ideal camera for environments with high contrast and changing light conditions. Using Digital Pixel System® (DPS) Capture Technology, images are converted from analog to a digital format within each pixel immediately after the image is captured. Even in high contrast lighting conditions, the HCU484 delivers higher quality images, significantly better dynamic range (120 dB max), and higher frame rates than conventional CCD cameras.

While conventional cameras record every pixel in a frame with the same exposure time, the HCU484 records each of the 388,800 pixels at its own optimum exposure time. This results in correct color rendering and capturing details in all applications including high contrast scenes with shadows and glare. The Digital Pixel System® Capture Technology delivers crisp, color-saturated high resolution images without the presence of blooming or smearing, in both moving and still pictures.