data modem / wireless / cellular / DTU
H7210 Hongdian Corporation



  • Type:

    data, wireless, cellular, DTU

  • Network:

    RS232, GPRS, RS485, IP, network, EDGE, TCP/IP, LTE, UMTS, 2G, GNSS

  • Application:

    industrial, alarm, for M2M application, for PLC communications, for IOT application

  • Mounting:

    embedded, standard, for integration, wall-mount

  • Other characteristics:

    long-range, with digital I/O, multi-channel, ultra long-range


H7210 industrial-grade router is terminal product based on the GPRS data communication network, adopts industrial terminal interface, product design meets the industrial standard, embedded PPP, TCP / IP, DDP and other protocols, realize the transparent data communication from user equipment to data centre. Customization is available.

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