order management software / for the gas industry

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order management software / for the gas industry order management software / for the gas industry


  • Function:

    order management

  • Applications:

    for the gas industry


Oil&gas Processing plants communication system solution with TR-069 network management and echo self-diagnose system

Easy to maintain: support software automatically updated, comes with TR-069 network management, with remote page management, control center can simultaneously tens of thousands of industrial terminals issued instructions to change and modify its working status.

Automatic detection: every 24 hours IPC, the phone automatically detects a handle, speakers, buttons, shell, etc., the test results reported to the system, and record the phenomenon of failure, saving manual detection.

High-quality services: international standard SIP protocol, you can pass 720P high-definition images, not affected by the distance, nor the impact of the environment, users can enjoy carrier-class voice services.

Terminal control machine can control the control of CCTV, access control, sound and light alarm, perimeter intrusion, smoke sensor alarm .. According to customer and project needs can provide more I / O, RJ45 port connection hydraulic pressure, PM2.5 , Uranium 235 and other data collection.

Working temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃.

Full recording: system equipment comes with a recording voice recording function; no need to purchase expensive recording equipment.

Service scalable: support teleconference, call forwarding, voice mail, three-way call and other functions.

Multi-communication interworking: wired telephone, wireless mobile phone and intercom signal can be integrated communication.

Stability of the security: the system supports the master device hot switch to ensure that the communication foolproof.