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Ellipsometer spectroscopic
190 - 2 100 nm | UVISEL HORIBA Scientific


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Built on 25 years of experience, the UVISEL phase modulated ellipsometer delivers high precision and high resolution measurements with the best signal to noise ratio ideal for research on nano and micro scale structures. It is the most sensitive tool for accurate characterization of film thickness, optical constants, and material properties.
The UVISEL delivers long-term, stable measurements without the need for regular calibration.
The full wavelength range covered by the UVISEL is 190 - 2100 nm. The use of monochromators enables the selection of the spectral range and resolution that best suits your measurement needs.
The UVISEL ellipsometer offers a flexible design, enabling the best fit to your application needs.
- Manual or automatic goniometer, sample stage and microspot optics
- Large variety of accessories
- Ex-situ, in-situ and affordable configurations available

The DeltaPsi2 software offers complete functionality for measurements, modeling and reporting in addition to automatic operations, which facilitate routine thin film analysis.


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