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UVISEL 2 HORIBA Scientific



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UVISEL 2 is a fully automated and integrated spectroscopic ellipsometer enabling accurate thin film thickness and optical constants characterization over the wavelength range 190 - 2100 nm.
Sample alignment, autofocus, spot size selection, variable angle and mapping functions all benefit from computer control. The UVISEL 2 has 8 computer selectable, achromatic spot sizes enabling high quality measurements in small areas.
The UVISEL 2 includes an innovative, color imaging vision system allowing the user to visualize the beam spot on all types of materials.
The phase modulation technology combined with an advanced optical design provide unparalleled accuracy and high resolution ellipsometric measurements for characterizing ultra thin as well as thick films.

System control, data measurement, simulation, modeling, reporting and automation are seamlessly integrated by the powerful DeltaPsi2 software Platform.