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Inspection camera / multi-spectral / CCD / compact
Synapse HORIBA Scientific


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    compact, low-noise, for spectroscopy, detection, high-sensitivity, UV-Vis-NIR


The Synapse CCD is a product for advanced spectroscopic analysis from simple absorbency to the complicated Raman or photo-luminescence analysis. This miniature CCD sensor is engineered for compatibility with all HORIBA Jobin Yvon spectrometers and offer extreme sensitivity for any test. The Synapse CCD is highly advanced in sensor electronics, providing unrestricted sensitivity and minimal noise. The limiting-noise amplifiers are situated next to the CCD detector to restrict any noise from the external surroundings.
The Synapse's electronics are exclusively engineered to offer unparalleled transmission linearity over the complete dynamic spectrum, enabling precise data and enhanced results over a vast variety of transmission signals. To guarantee high capabilities, each Synapse CCD unit is tested for linearity, complete capacity and noise-values. Thermoelectric Cooling Dark current limitation is the main reason for cooling a CCD unit.


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