fluorescence microscope / for analysis / high-resolution / bench-top
XGT-7200 HORIBA Scientific



  • Type:


  • Technical applications:

    for analysis

  • Other characteristics:

    high-resolution, bench-top, X-ray


The XGT-7200 introduces a modern range of XRF microscope that provides a rimless unification across optical and component analysis features. It brings about a huge change in the micro-analysis techniques and accomplishes micro-XRF as an everyday device for the investigation scientist. Additionally, it consists of a special hardware for assuring high adaptability for each computation.

There are two software-regulated x-ray tubes with a diameter between 10 µm and 1.2 mm to enable the conditions to be maximized for various computations for micro as well as macro. The special twin vacuum version can shift within seconds across a greater reactivity complete vacuum mode with a flexible domesticated vacuum mode. This vacuum mode helps in keeping the samples at climatic pressures and redeems reactivity in all components including sodium and uranium.