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The fully integrated supercontinuum white light laser-powered lifetime fluorometer.In the Ultima Extreme, we seamlessly combine our fluorometer with the high intensity and broad wavelength range of a supercontinuum laser.What is a supercontinuum laser, also known as a white light laser? It is a bright source that, unlike other lasers, light over a broad spectral range, from just above 400 nm to over 2 µm. Because of this range and pulse width characteristics, in the range of 10s of picoseconds or longer, it makes an excellent source option for TCSPC measurements.WHY GO EXTREME ?Lifetime: Allows you to choose any excitation wavelength.It’s like having infinite Deltadiodes!FeaturesSelect any excitation wavelength from 400nm to over 2 µm for lifetime measurements with the 300-1200nm excitation monochromator or filters. Wavelengths below 430 nm can still be addressed using our existing DeltaDiodes, or optional doubler.

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