measuring microscope / X-ray / bench-top / fluorescence
XGT-5200WR HORIBA Scientific



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    image-processing, automated, simultaneous acquisition

  • Magnification:

    100 unit



XGT-5200WR are specially designed for WEEE/RoHS, ELV and Chinese RoHS for the high sensitivity measurement of 5 elements (Pb/Cd/Cr/Hg/Br) and equipped X-ray Microscope Functions

With the unique X-ray Guide Tube the bench top XGT-5200 systems allow convenient access to X-ray fluorescence analysis with high spatial resolution from 1.2mm down to 10 µm(HORIBA original). Two X-ray guide tubes (1.2mm and 100 µm are standard, 10 µm is optional instead of 100 µm) are provided in the instrument, allowing the user to simply switch between a micro and macro beams, so that a range of experiments can be accommodated.

There is no sample preparation or vacuum required the object is simply placed in the sample chamber and analysed at normal atmospheric pressure.

Fully integrated software controls sample movement, acquisition options and data analysis (including qualitative and quantitative analysis, and composite image generation). From when a sample is put in the chamber, just a few seconds are needed until an acquisition is started, aided by intuitive point and click selection of the analysis position.

XRF mapping images are easily obtained through automated sample scanning, and the provision of a second detector beneath the sample enables simultaneous acquisition of X-ray transmission images. The additional structural information provided by this technology is extremely useful for locating regions of interest, or interrogating a sample’s internal structure.

XGT-5200WR is equipped with dewar of liquid nitrogen.
XGT-5200WR Type S/SL model with big sample room are lineuped.

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