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MESA-50K HORIBA Scientific



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    X-ray fluorescence



In order to meet RoHS/ELV and to analyze hazardous elements, HORIBA has offered the X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer XGT-1000WR series. Since 2002, 1000 units have been used all over the world for these applications to meet the critical needs from our customers to analyze the sample without cutting it. In 2012, an intuitive MESA-50 X-ray Fluorescence Analyser was released. It became every popular in a very short amount of time, and in 2013 a new type of MESA-50 with a big sample chamber has been added to the MESA-50 series. It is equipped with the sophisticated LN2-free detector. As/Sb analysis function and Multilayer Film FPM are available as options.


1. Speedy

Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) drastically reduces measurement times, and provides increased sensitivity, for true high throughput analysis.

2. Small

The MESA-50K features a large sized chamber without compromising the minimum footprint. Can be simply connected to PC via USB.

3. Simple

Reduce routine maintenance work (LN2 free operation)
No need for vacuum pumps
Intuitive simple measurement process for all material types