NIR spectrofluorometer
Nanolog® series HORIBA Scientific

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NIR spectrofluorometer NIR spectrofluorometer - Nanolog® series


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The NanoLog® range of spectrofluorometers are engineered for studies in nanotechnology as well as nano-components. It uses the globally recognized mechanism of FluoroLog® for detecting fluorescence in the near-IR between 800 and 1700 nm consisting of visible and UV provisions. The NanoLog® is equipped with a particularly structured software fit for classification of SWNTs, carrying out energy conveyance computations without any custom routine and tool arrangements. Additionally, it is possible to monitor a total spectrum in merely a few milliseconds while the excitation dispensation matrix can be recorded in seconds. Nanolog features instant excitation, dispensation matrices, greater reactivity, in-gas arrangement, higher resolution and simplifies certification as well as quantification of specimens of SWNTs. It is also well-suited for a wide range of detectors including the UV and the near-IR.