Fault locator for overhead lines
0 - 170 A | LM HORSTMANN


The FCI-Navigator, the fully electronic indicator is designed mainly for utility overhead lines of medium voltage. The housing is made of black polyamid, while the clamping mechanism is made from stainless steel. There is a transparent cap, which acts as an indication unit, complete with an electronic circuit and LEDs fitted snugly within the resin compound. The indicator runs on a built-in battery control and when it begins to run out (from 400 hours to 50), a yellow LED will start blinking till it is changed or for 6 months. The batteries are long-lasting because they are made from lithium. Life expectancy of batteries are 15-20 years. It is possible to install the FCI on an overheated line and it can be removed with a Hot Stick. FCI-Navigator promises excellent visibility from everywhere.


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