heating element welding torch / air-cooled / handheld
300 Tube HSK Kunststoff Schweißtechnik GmbH



  • Technique:

    heating element

  • Cooling mechanism:


  • Other characteristics:



The HSK 300 hot air fusing tube features a heat output of 1500 Watts 230 V with a consistent and 100 % dependable electronic regulation for maximum temperatures of 700 °C. This tool features a smooth service due to the modern motor with a high carbon service durability of beyond 1,500 hours.

Additionally, the collector carbons consist of a detached element that offers safety from motor wear post the usage of carbon brushing.The collector carbons can be replaces as many times as desired and can also be replaced from the exterior without unlocking the device. Moreover, the air-conditional heating component can be ideal for various kinds of nozzles. This multi-purpose tool can be utilized for fusing all thermoplastics, technical fabrics, tarapaulin films, ceiling sheeting and swimming pool housing sheeting.