wastewater decanter / floating / horizontal
HydroKlar-FLOAT HST Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG



  • Applications:

    for wastewater

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The HydroKlar-FLOAT system is ideal for use as water discharge equipment. It can be implemented in various ways in wastewater treatment and water supply systems. It is used for clean water separation treatment in SBR plants.

According to the volume and time, clean water is conducted to the receiving water by the automatic measurement-regulated system with a process-controlled function. The flushing process reserves can be increased by a considerable amount with the selection of the maximum extraction quantity. Outflow quantity regulation is possible with the supplied HydroMatic control, and based on the current water level.

This system is designed for large draining quantities and has a Gobel crown, which allows for precise regulation. A special bracket to which the measuring probes can be affixed is located on the HydroKlar unit.

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