multifunction tester / continuity / phase sequence / loop impedance



  • Test type:

    continuity, phase sequence, loop impedance, earth resistance

  • Tested product:

    for electrical installations

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, portable, multifunction


Multifunction Continuity Tester with 200mA and 10A test current and Line/Loop impedance
EQUITEST5071 is a continuity tester mainly designed for testing equipotential conductors with test current >10A according to the prescriptions of standard IEC/EN61439-1-2

This device also allows measuring continuity on protective conductors with 200mA and 10A, Line/Loop impedance also with high resolution (0.1mΩ), using the optional accessory IMP57, non-trip earth resistance without causing the RCDs’ tripping and phase sequence. Each measurement can be saved in the internal memory of the device and transferred onto the PC through the provided Windows software.

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