Syngas analyzer / oxygen / carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide
Gasboard 9031 Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument CO., LTD


  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, process gas, natural gas, syngas, biomass

  • Measured value:

    concentration, combustion

  • Configuration:

    for integration

  • Other characteristics:

    monitoring, continuous, online, real-time, NDIR, digital, calibration, manual, multi-channel, sampling, high-performance, control, precision, RS485


Analysis Systems are available for biomass and coal gasification processes. It can be used for measurement of the concentration of up to 6 gases such as CO, CO2, CH4, CnHm, H2 and O2, also calculated heating value (caloric value) automatically. It is the best tooling to help you:
-To check whether the gas is still being produced to decide when the land can be reclaimed.
- To check the quality of the gas being produced prior to use in some industrial process.
- To continuously monitor the efficiency of H2S scrubber installations


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