Biogas analyzer / oxygen / carbon dioxide / methane
Gasboard -3200 plus Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument CO., LTD


  • Measured entity:

    oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide, process gas, biogas, biomass

  • Measured value:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    sampling, continuous, monitoring, laboratory, for the mining industry, online, real-time, NDIR, digital, high-performance, process, manual, precision, RS485, calibration, landfill


1) Introduction
Gasboard -3200 plus handheld infrared biogas analyzer adopts non -thermostat container design, greatly eliminate temperature impact on NDIR sensors by special calculation method, to realize auto correction on sensors drift. It is the best option for industrial or laboratory biogas application designed with smart appearance to measure the quantity and quality of methane.
2) Application
Biogas plants, landfill sites, water treatment, sludge digestion, biomethane production, CDM project ,anaerobic digestion and other fermentation processes.
3) Specification:
Measuring gases CH4, CO2 NDIR
Measuring range CH4 0~100 %
CO2 0~50 %
O2 0~25 %
H2S 0~10000 ppm
Accuracy CH4 ±2%FS
CO2 ±2%FS
O2 ±3.0%FS
H2S ±3.0%FS
Repeatability CH4, CO2、H2S, O2 ≤1.5%
Lithium battery pack 2200mAh
Power supply DC5V 2A
Flow (0.7-1.2 )l/min
Warm up time 90seconds once power on
GPS sensor Positioning and location
Working temperature (-10~40) ℃
Ambient pressure (700 ~ 1200) mbar
Relative humidity 0~95% non-condensing water
Dimension 276 × 195 × 66 mm (Length×width×height)
Casing material ABS/ Polypropylene and rubber molding
Kepboard Film panel keyboard
Display High-resolution colored 3.2-inch
Communication Micro USB port, blueteeth 4.0

4) Features:
1) Modular design for CH4, CO2, O2, H2S sensors
2) Blue teeth communication to connect data timely
3) Colored LCD to display data real time
4) Optional gas flow measuring
5) Rechargeable Lithium battery
6) GPS positioning and location.


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