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Fiber optic distribution box

OptiBox32 – for multi dwelling units

OptiBox32 is an installer friendly fiber optic distribution and termination enclosure. The OptiBox32 is particularly designed for its main use in Fiber to the Home / Fiber in the Home networks predominantly installed in multi dwelling units. It is used for splicing, patching and to perform with passive optical components. The OptiBox32 can be configured modular with two kinds of splice cassettes supporting MultiCircuit (MCM) or SingleCircuit (SCM) managed fibers. Additionally a dedicated Splitter Cassette for an easy integration of passive optical components is available. The enclosure impermeability matches to the requirement of moderate (IP54) or even harsh (IP67) outdoor applications. In order to protect the fibers from bending or environmental influence, conventional loose tube cables as well as micro cable or conduits of blown-in systems can be fastened to the inside of the box. Further there can be fastened various gas and water blocking systems inside the OptiBox32.


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