RF cable harness / coaxial / for telecommunication networks / high-performance
minibend™ L HUBER+SUHNER



  • Cable type:

    RF, coaxial

  • Applications:

    for telecommunication networks

  • Other characteristics:

    high-performance, low-loss


Minibend L is an enhanced, low loss version of the Minibend flexible coaxial cable assembly with increased phase stability and power handling capacity which is designed for use in low profile, internal, point-to-point interconnections between RF modules within communications systems. Minibend L replaces 0.086 inch custom semi-rigid cables with standard flexible cables providing 30% lower attenuation and eliminating the need for predefined custom lengths and bend configurations. Minibend L provides you with a preassembled and tested high performance, cost-effective alternative in a variety of standard lengths.

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