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INFRA-KIT | Bridge & cut-and-cover tunnel construction

To reduce the design and assembly effort in bridge building and cut-and-cover tunnel construction, Hünnebeck developed the modular INFRA-KIT system.

The user-friendly INFRA-KIT system is based on the tried-and-tested load frame prop (up to 210 kN of loading per prop) and main beams with wide-ranging applications.
A match for every challenge

The INFRA-KIT system is suitable for a huge range of standard applications in bridge building and cut-and-cover tunnelling, including temporary bridges, vehicle access ways with large spans and heavy-duty towers for bridge refurbishment projects. Even large-span bridge constructions and tall load-bearing structures can be created by using the standard INFRA-KIT system components which all comply with European safety standards.

The small number of standardised system components including brackets, braces and abutment connectors facilitate tailor-made solutions without expensive specially built parts.

INFRA-KIT at a glance
* Huge range of applications with a small number of standardised system components
* Reduced design effort
* High load-bearing capacity thanks to load-optimised arrangements of load frame props (max. 210 kN per prop)
* Safe and straightforward connection of the main beams with connecting pins
* Reliable discharge of the lateral forces and rapid alignment of the main beams with sliding elements integrated at the ends of the beams
* Inbuilt compatibility with the PROTECTO® and EXTRAGUARD™ edge protection systems offering maximum safety


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