temperature measuring system / humidity
TCOMSYS01 Hot Cube Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.



  • Measured physical value:

    temperature, humidity


was originally designed to study the effect of radiation sources on human comfort. Equipped with heat flux sensors that measure in 5 directions and a humidity and temperature probe, it offers a good picture of energy gains and losses from all sides to a metal body that thermally resembles the human body; the TCOM01 sensor is in essence a miniature thermal mannequin.

The TCOMSYS01 system employs dedicated sensors and electronics, measuring thermal comfort according to the new Hot Cube method.
The high accuracy of the MCU (Measurement and Control Unit) ensures that TCOMSYS01 will still measure down to very low heat fluxes. The MCU has a robust aluminium housing. The system generates a measurement file, including a time-stamp. The measurement data are stored in the MCU and are later downloaded to a PC. The user is responsible for data analysis.

TCOMSYS01 advantages:

- direct representation of the human body
- helps understand and quantify the detailed physical cause and effect of thermal comfort
- simple experiments can be used to quantify the sources of heat gain or loss
- offers directional information
- good addition to Wet-Bulb Globe temperature measurement
- robust, student-proof
- “stand alone”; equipped with its own clock and memory
- safe, low voltage power supply
- communication by (virtual) Ethernet link
- user interface program on MCU

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