IR02-TR Hukseflux Thermal Sensors B.V.

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pyrgeometer pyrgeometer - IR02-TR


IR02-TR is a sensor that can be applied for Far Infra Red (FIR) radiation observations. The main application is in meteorological outdoor experiments. The scientific name of this instrument is pyrgeometer. IR02-TR is heated, which improves measurement accuracy because it prevents dew deposition. Model IR02-TR has a special housing, which makes it possible to include a transmitter, or amplifier. For additional information on the application, use and specificatons of regular IR02 pyrgeometer, IR02 brochure and manual can be consulted.

IR02-TR is a IR02 pyrgeometer with adapted housing, to accept a transmitter or amplifier that can be programmed at user's convenience. The signal from the thermopile is converted from milliVolt signal to the output of the transmitter. The signal from the internal Pt100 temperature sensor is not affected by the transmitter, nor is the control of the heater. Programming can be done either by Hukseflux, or the user, provided the right software is used. User can choose to have his own transmitter placed in the housing, provided it is of DIN form B.