small enclosure / modular / lockable / control
KYD series Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Construction:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    lockable, control

  • Application:

    electric metering

  • Protection level:


  • Width:

    300 mm, 350 mm

  • Height:

    360 mm, 550 mm

  • Depth:

    300 mm


This series shall be combined with series auto-discharging permanent separator, permanent magnetic roller and rotary permanent separator to form a complete set. The small control box will be mounted near the separator. We can also supply anti-explosion type to meet the user’s requirement of working in inflammable or explosive conditions. It includes belt-combination mode and one machine running mode with allowable contact for combined belt. Please let us know when you need a centralized control (short pulse control), or for outdoor, or a motor trolley for running gear