eddy current separator / vibrating / 3-phase / metal
Hunan Kemeida Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Technology:

    eddy current, vibrating, 3-phase

  • Separated substance:



This is our patent product, also called eddy current separator, which have been widely used for effectively removing iron material from non-magnetic metals (such as aluminum, copper) and alloy at production line in crumbs, garbage, and electronic waste with a recovery up to 85%, which greatly improved the utilization rate of steel and non-ferrous waste.
Eddy current separator is used for recovering non-ferrous metal, which can separate non-ferrous metal from mixed scraps. Two linear inductors have been set at upper and lower of the belt, which can produce a movable alternating magnetic field at windings made by 3-phase with the trend vertical to that of belt. And thus ensure a strong enough magnetic force to put the metal into collecting box. This separator composes of vibration feeder, partial magnetic pole system, magnetic pole intensity, change control system, feeding separation control and so on.