sequential injection molding hot runner system



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    for sequential injection molding


UltraSync-E is ideal for consistent part filling, excellent gate quality and close nozzle spacing

Molders producing precision components require reliable hot runners that can manufacture high quality parts with minimal variability. Our UltraSync-E technology offers shot-to-shot and part-to-part consistency through precise stem closing and is ideally suited for cleanroom applications.

The superior accuracy of UltraSync-E™ is achieved with 100% synchronization of the valve stems, moved by an electric servo motor. The system is configured to provide the right stem force to achieve excellent gate quality.

- Ideal solution for medical, technical and high precision, small parts
- Minimum nozzle spacing of 18 mm (0.71”)
- UltraSync-E technology is compatible with Ultra 350, Ultra 500 and Ultra 750 valve gate hot runner nozzles
- Unique plate actuation mechanism requires limited maintenance – all moving components run on roller bearings