Lipped seal / O-ring / circular / X-ring
JF4 Hutchinson Precision Sealing Systems


  • Type:

    lipped, O-ring

  • Configuration:

    circular, X-ring

  • Material:

    elastomer, NBR, EPDM

  • Other characteristics:

    dynamic, hydraulic, pneumatic


Sealing Solution for Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Oleo-Pneumatic Applications

JF4 sealing rings are seals with a cross-section comprising 4 lobes. JF4 sealing rings offer a better solution to ensure tightness of hydraulic, pneumatic and oleo-pneumatic devices.

They are particularly suitable for dynamic applications such as:

alternating movements
rotating movements


No direction of assembly
Reduced size: lighter weight and cost reduction
Friction reduction
Reduced starting torque
Dual sealing line
Limited residual film
Less wear
No twisting
Increased durability of the product


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