3-axis milling machine / vertical / portable



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The "3 Axis" Portable Milling Machine is our most versatile and accurate milling tool, capable of traveling and machining in all axis (XYZ). 3 Axis is ideal for onsite machining large and small rectangular areas accurately. This portable mill can be clamped or bolted directly onto the part being machined or fabricated. Setup jigs and parallel-mounting fixtures can be used to position it in difficult work area conditions. Any machinist familiar with machining practices will find the 3 Axis simple to setup and operate, even upside down. This tool is designed for rugged onsite machining e.g. milling, drilling and boring applications on jobs previously thought to be impossible without extensive disassembly. The precision ground dovetails with adjustable gibs, to provide smooth, accurate travel in all axis. When used as a facing mill, this milling machine tool will quickly face off pitted or misaligned surfaces, restoring the original condition of the part being machined. Servo power feeds are available for all axis, allowing the application of smooth and consistent power feed throughout the speed range, going forwards and in reverse. Tooling for larger miling is also avaialbe with our 8" mill head:

- The angular contact bearings allow for better accuracy in cutting.
- The speed of change allows greater utilisation of existing tooling, allowing more industry standardisation plus more versatility in applications.
- The 40 Taper spindle also allows the machine to take more per cut.
- It also offers a new sealed oil gear head for leak proof seals.
- More tooling-friendly spindles give our mills more precision with a more rigid tool performance.