hydraulic press / stamping / bending / straightening
STP 400 - 1250x1250 Hydraulico a/s



  • Operation:


  • Function:

    stamping, bending, straightening, deep drawing, punching, blanking, trimming, embossing

  • Other characteristics:


  • Opening:

    Min.: 400 mm

    Max.: 1,200 mm

  • Force:

    Min.: 400 kN

    Max.: 39,224 kN


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Designed and built to meet the highest demands for stability, productivity and flexibility, the Hydraulico STP series features the newest press technologies, including adjustable press speed, programmable Hydraulico control panels, high-performance pumps, and the best safety equipment on the market.
Make your choice from a range of 8 models, ranging from 100 to 400 tons, single-acting or double-acting presses, all offered at an extremely competitive pricing.

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