Articulated dump truck
20 000 kg | 922HM, 922D Hydrema A/S


The Hydrema 922HM is the obvious choice for driving on soft terrain and in areas that demand the lowest possible ground pressure. Hydremas three-axle dump truck, with its unique articulated pivot joint and bogies with a wide steering angle, offers superior tractive power and the markets lowest unladen weight and performance/weight ratio, resulting in extremely low fuel consumption.
Unsurpassed cross-country performance
Low unladen weight and low ground pressure
Bogie axle for maximum passability
Suspension on front axle with electronic level control for maximum comfort
Permanent 6-wheel drive
Stage 3a engine with low fuel consumption and the best performance/weight ratio on the market
Fully automatic Soft-Shift transmission with gear selection via joystick
Centre pivot with weight transfer for increased stability
22 T capacity
Oil-immersed disc brakes
Climate control system and air suspended seat as standard
Exhaust brake and hydraulic retarder


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