pilot sterilizer / steam / hot air / superheated water



  • Laboratory/process:


  • Sterilization method:

    steam, hot air, superheated water

  • Applications:

    for the food industry


The Steripilot 60 from Hydrolock can process up to 60 products at a time. It can perform a variety of processes, such as steam air, saturated steam, water spaying, or water immersion, in an agitated or non-agitated mode. It is used for the creation and validation of new recipes.

Water spraying pre-heating and pasteurization in temperatures that range from 80°C to 100°C are some of the steps which can be simulated by the model. In either a continuous or discontinuous mode, the Steripilot 60 can also perform sterilization with saturated steam, air mixture, superheated water spraying or superheated water immersion in temperatures that go from 100°C to 143°C. Pressurized cooling and atmospheric cooling can also be done by the model.