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hot washing machine / with water jet / solvent / water
Hydroresa, s.l. - Lavadoras Industriales Baufor



  • Technology:

    hot, with water jet, solvent, water

  • Operational mode:


  • Field:

    process, for the automotive industry, for surface treatment, for industrial applications

  • Other characteristics:

    robust, continuous, rotary drum, 2-tank, spray, degreasing, with rinsing


- Industrial washing and degreasing of parts in bulk
- Continuous cleaning in one or multiple stages
- Parts transported in a rotary drum
- They combine spraying and immersion zones
- Parts moved throughout the working process
- Designed and built to measure
- Separate treatment zones
- Easy access for maintenance
- Built in steel or AISI-304 stainless steel
- Steam, gas, diesel and electric heating

General description of rotary drum parts washers:

BAUFOR’s drum parts washers clean, degrease and dry metal or plastic parts in bulk as a continuous cycle. Washing is performed through a combination of spraying and immersion.

The parts to be washed are transported in a rotary drum, loaded at the front and unloaded the rear.