parallel-shaft electric gearmotor / helical
H series Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems PG - Industrial



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Hyosungs H-series, a helical geared motor series, provides the highest power and best dimensions optimized for every drive system; its unified casing delivers optimized size and high strength to facilities which requires high precision and long lifetimes.

Unified case
Unified bearing housing.
High strength and solidity
Output torque has no bolted, fixed cover and the case sufficiently supports the overhung or thrust loads.
Smooth operation and low-noise
Designs cases and gears that absorb vibration and lower whining noise; manufacture high-precision gears using the best equipment for smooth operation and to reduce noise.
High precision
One equipment setting allows both bearing and housings to be manufactured at the same time to realize high precision.
Flexible mounting angle
The unit can be installed freely according to the installation conditions on site.
Low maintenance cost
Significantly reduces number of parts required compared to previous products, reducing operational problems.
Speedy supply
All standardized parts are stored to quickly respond to a customer's demands.