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electric pallet truck / ride-on / platform / for warehouses



  • Operation:


  • Operator:

    ride-on, platform

  • Other characteristics:

    loading, for warehouses, unloading

  • Load:

    2500, 2000


These ride-on pallet trucks permit speedy pallet transportation for far or remote distances. The machines have 2 versions, the seated and the stand/sit. To continue, the product gives cost effective operation combined with high performance and manageability in demanding applications. Moreover, if you belong to those that caters to sizable warehouse operations transporting goods to far-off locations, the Hyster ride-on platform truck should be the number 1 solution. It comes with a tighter chassis width of less than 800 mm making it suitable for effortless pallet positioning as well as incessant loading and unloading. The product is safe to use and cost effective.